The Splits call Madison County home, and it's from this lush high-country that they draw much of their inspiration; the craggy peaks, dark hollers, roaring rivers, and quiet meadows all serving as backdrops for their ever evolving soundscapes.

Each member boasts a musical interest unique from their bandmates, which lends itself to sonic collaboration and psychedelic experimentation ranging in styles from surf to country, blues to thrash, sludge to jazz, all of it swirling together into a style they refer to as Holler Boogie. No matter the set, bring your dancing shoes. It's fixing to get loud.

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Vocals and Guitar

After moving from eastern NC to the mountains, Brantly Tyson introduced his prolific songwriting to a diverse group of musician’s interpretation. The result is a band with a unique sound and style, White Oak Splits.


Lead Guitar

Charlie Garrett's soulful style on the guitar....


Born in the wilds of Appalachia, David Marine grew up with a strong connection to a variety of music styles. David started as a songwriter and moved through the acoustic world before picking up electric bass, through which he adds a dynamic element to an ever expanding project.


Daniel Smith made his way to Asheville from the Georgia coast by way of the mountains of north Georgia. He brings an eclectic background of musical styles from punk to blues to add to White Oak Splits's hard driving sound.

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